Course Structure

Course ID Title Credit Semester Remark
AT77.01 Telecommunication Networks 3(3-0) August R
AT77.02 Signals and Systems 3(2-3) August R
AT77.03 Digital Transmission Technologies 3(2-3) August E
AT77.04 Data Communications 3(3-0) August E
AT77.05 Teletraffic Engineering 3(2.5-1.5) August E
AT77.06 Multimedia Communications and Systems 3(3-0) August E
AT77.07 Cellular Mobile Systems 3(3-0) August E
AT77.08 Network Planning 3(2.5-1.5) August E
AT77.09 Error Control Coding 3(3-0) August E
AT77.10 Cellular Network Planning 3(2-3) August E
AT77.11 Digital Modulation Techniques 3(2-3) January E
AT77.12 Switching Systems 3(2.5-1.5) January E
AT77.13 Digital Communications 3(3-0) January E
AT77.14 Fiber Optic Components and Systems 3(2-3) January E
AT77.15 Satellite Communications 3(3-0) January E
AT77.16 Digital Signal Processing 3(2-3) August E
AT77.17 Network QoS 3(3-0) January E
AT77.18 Optical Network 3(3-0) January E
AT77.19 Optimization for Communications and Networks 3(3-0) August E
AT77.61 Signal and Digital Transmission Technologies 3(3-0) August E
AT77.62 Optical Network 3(3-0) August E
AT77.63 Cellular Mobile Systems and Planning 3(3-0) January E
AT77.64 IP Network in Data and Multimedia Communication 3(3-0) January E
AT77.65 Selected Topic: Convergence Networks 1(2-0) August E
AT77.66 Technology Road-mapping Strategies for Telecommunications (Management Component II) 2(2-0) August E
AT77.67 Telecom Product and Service Design (Management Component I) 2(2-0) January E
AT77.68 Project and Financial Management (Management Component III) 3(3-0) InterSem E
AT77.9001 Selected Topic: The Methodology of Scientific Research 2(-) January E
AT77.9002 Selected Topic: Network QoS 3(3-0) InterSem E
AT77.9003 Selected Topic: Advanced Wireless Communication Systems 3(3-0) January E
AT77.9004 Selected Topic: Interactive Transmission over IP Networks 3(3-0) August E
AT77.9005 Selected Topic: Cryptography 2(-) August E
AT77.9006 Selected Topic: Optical Network 3(3-0) January E
AT77.9007 Selected Topic: Statistical Communication Theory 3(3-0) August E
AT77.9008 Selected Topic: Advanced Signal Processing for Wireless Communications 3(3-0) January E
AT77.9009 Selected Topic: Discrete-Time Statistical Signal Processing 3(3-0) January E
AT77.9010 Selected Topic: Multiuser Detection 3(3-0) InterSem E
AT77.9011 Selected Topic: Optimization for Communications and Networks 3(3-0) August E
AT77.9012 Selected Topic: UMTS/WCDMA Radio Access Network Planning 1(1-0) January E
AT77.9013 Selected Topic: Network Simulation and Modelling Using NS2 (Network Simulator 2) 1(1-0) InterSem E
AT77.9014 Selected Topic: Mathematics for Telecommunications 3(3-0) InterSem E
AT77.9015 Selected Topic: Probability Theory 1(1-0) August E
AT77.9016 Selected Topic: Cellular Network Planning 2(1.5-1.5) August E
AT77.9017 Selected Topic: Software Project on Network Optimization 2(1-3) InterSem E
AT77.9018 Selected Topic: Network Simulation and Optimization Using Python 1(0-3) January E
R = Required, E = Elective
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In TC (Telecommunications), the minimum course requirements is 26 credits for Thesis option and 38 credits for Research study option.
Thesis Option Research Option
FoS Required courses: 6 credits 6 credits
Elective courses: 18 credits 30 credits
Institute-wide Elective courses: 2 credits 2 credits
Option: 22 credits 10 credits
Total 48 credits  48 credits 

* The Institute-wide elective courses of 2 credits are included in the total course credits.