Graduate study at the School of Engineering and Technology

Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology opens up a number of skills that integrate the five pillars of a relevant higher engineering education: Information Technology, International Perspective, Innovation, Integration (of environmental and social issues), and Industrial Partnership.

Within this framework, the School of Engineering and Technology's efforts are directed at establishing a holistic academic portfolio that spans not only the regiments of a traditional engineering curriculum but also the integration of subject areas such as management, economics, finance, environment as well as legal issues. While maintaining a strong disciplinary identity, your learning will lean towards topic-based programs and applications.

AIT's Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) is a two-year degree program that offers you the knowledge you need in the modern engineering profession. A Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) or a Doctor of Technical Science (D.Tech.) is a three-year program that equips you to become a well-rounded specialist in your area.

Other than the doctoral and the master's degrees, the Institute offers Diploma and Certificate programs to those who want to prepare for a graduate degree or to merely obtain short-term studies.