Research Areas

The School of Engineering and Technology has identified broad research areas related to the strengths of its faculty, its curriculum and its existing facilities that are the building blocks for education niches in engineering and advanced technologies.

The following lists the information about the specific focal areas grouped by Fields of Study

Computer Science and Information Management (CSIM)

Software Engineering and Development; Information and Knowledge Management

Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)

Design and development of devices and sensors; Automation and control of machines; Product design and integration of machines and processes; Planning, operation, control and logistics of Industrial engineering

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (RS&GIS)

Remote sensing (RS); Geographic information system (GIS); Global positioning system (GPS); Digital mapping technology; Digital photogrammetry

Telecommunications, Information and Communications Technologies (TC, ICT)

Mobile Communications; Teletraffic and Network Performance Analysis; Focal Area 3: Optical Networks

Advanced Infrastructure Development

  • Application of new approaches and concepts in the development of infrastructure including innovative project financing
  • PPP/PFI, integrated project management
  • Infrastructure asset and valuation management, and infrastructure safety and security

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (GTE)

Sustainable geological exploitation for engineering activities; Design of safe structures; Disaster mitigation and rehabilitation

Transportation Engineering (TRE)

Transportation Logistics; Highway Pavement; Road Safety

Water Engineering & Management (WEM)

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM); Water Related Disaster Management (WRDM)