Title : Dr.
Name : Takashi Nakatsuji
FoS : Transportation Engineering
Affiliation : Visiting Professor
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Email : naka[at]

Educational Background

  1. D.Eng., Hokkaido University, Japan,1992
  2. M.Eng., Hokkaido University, Japan,1975
  3. B.Eng., Hokkaido University, Japan,1973

Research Interests

Traffic Engineering, Traffic Flow Simulation, Winter Maintenance, Traffic Accident Reconstruction




Selected Publications

  1. Nakatsuji T., Hayashi I., T. Shirakawa, and A. Kawamura.: On-line Estimation of Friction Coefficients of Winter Road Surfaces Using Unscented Kalman Filter, Transportation Research Record, Transportation Research Board, 2007 (in print).
  2. T. Nakatsuji, I. Hayasdhi, A. Kawamura, and T. Shirakawa: Inverse Estimation of Friction Coefficients of Winter Road Surfaces: New Considerations of Lateral Movements and Angular Movements, Transportation Research Record, No.1911, pp.149-159, Transportation Research Board, Washington, 2005
  3. T. Nakatsuji, Kenji Nakano, C. Nanthawichit, and H. Suzuki: Estimation of Turning Movements at Intersections Based on the Joint Trip Distribution and Traffic Assignment Program Combined with a Genetic Algorithm, Transportation Research Record, No. 1882, pp.53-60, Transportation Research Board, Washington, 2004
  4. T. Nakatsuji and A. Kawamura: Relationship between Winter Road-Surface Conditions and Vehicular Motions: Measurements by Robe Vehicles Equipped with Global Positioning System, Transportation Research Record, No. 1824, pp.106-114, Transportation Research Board, Washington, 2003
  5. T. Nakatsuji, M. H. Hosseinlou, A. Kawamura and Y. Onodera: Taking Tire Slip Ratio into Account and Estimating Friction Coefficients in Rear-End Collision on Winter Roads, Transportation Research Record, Transportation Research Board, No. 1741, 97-103, 2001.

Ongoing and Completed Projects


Awards and Honors


Professional Affiliations

Transportation Research Board, Society of Automobile Engineers, Japanese Society of Civil Engineers.


Research Keywords