Title : Prof.
Name : Seishiro Kibe
FoS : Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
Affiliation : Visiting Faculty
Location :
Phone : +66-2-524 6125
Fax :
Email : kibe[at]

Educational Background

  1. Ph.D. Engg, University of Tokyo, Japan
  2. M.Sc. Engg, University of Tokyo, Japan
  3. B.Sc. Engg, University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Interests

  1. Dynamic Buckling of Cylindrical Shells
  2. Deployable and Retractable Space Large Structure
  3. Space Suits and Life support System Technologies
  4. Space Debris Issues



Selected Publications

  1. S. Kibe, K. Suzuki, et. al.,” Controlled Ecological Life Support System Related Activities in Japan,” Life Support &Biosphere Science, Vol.4 pp.117-125, 1997
  2. S. Kibe, T. Yamamoto and M. Katayama, “Development of Conical Shaped Charge and Remaining Problems,” IAA-99-IAA.6.5.03, 50th IAF (International Astronautical Federation) Congress, Amsterdam, 4 – 8 Oct., 1999; Volume 100, pp. 145, Science and Technology Series, Space Debris 1999, American Astronautical Society.
  3. S. Kibe, S. Kawamoto,, “Space Debris related activities in Japan-past, present, and future-,” Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Space Debris, pp.25-32, ESOC, Darmstadt, Mar. (2001)/ESA SP-473, Oct. 2001
  4. S. Kibe,” Space Debris environment,” Journal of KEISOKU-to-SEIGYO, Vol.41, No.8, pp.551-557, 2002 (in Japanese)
  5. Y. Ishige, S. Kawamoto, S. Kibe,” Study on electrodynamic tether system for space Debris Removal,” Acta Astronautica, Vol.55, Issue 11, pp.917-929, Dec. 2004.

Ongoing and Completed Projects


Awards and Honors

2000, Received the Award for Exquisite Research from the Minister of Science and Technology Agency.


Professional Affiliations

  1. Member of the advisory committee of the Institute of Environmental Science.
  2. Board Member of The Society of Eco-engineering.
  3. Board Member of The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences.(2000-2001)
  4. Committee Member of the Space Activity Commission of Japanese Government.(2000-2003)
  5. Executive Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee for The 56th International Astronautical Congress.(2000-2005)

Research Keywords

Aerospace System Engineering