Title : Prof.
Name : Kazi Mohiuddin Ahmed
FoS : Telecommunications; Information and Communications Technologies
Affiliation : Visiting Faculty
Location :
Phone :
Fax : (662) 524 5730
Email : kahmed[at]

Educational Background

  1. Ph. D. University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia; 1983.
  2. M. Sc. Eng., Electrical Engineering Institute of Communications, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia (former USSR); 1978.

Research Interests

  1. Wireless Systems and Networks
  2. Disaster Warning and Post-disaster Communications
  3. Applications of ICT in Sustainable Development
  4. Propagation and Channel Modeling in Mobile Communications
  5. Multiple Access Techniques & Protocols
  6. Satellite Communications
  7. Antenna Array Processing
  8. Signal Processing


AT77.01: Telecommunication Networks
AT77.11: Digital Modulation Techniques
AT77.15: Satellite Communications
Cellular Mobile Communications
Digital Transmission and Communications


Selected Publications

  1. Kocharoen, P., Ahmed, K.M., Rajatheva, R.M.A.P. and Fernando, W.A.C., "Node Elimination Approach for Low Bit-Rate Content-Adaptive Mesh-Based Image Coding", Accepted to publish at ECTI-ECC Journal.
  2. M.U. Mahfuz and K.M. Ahmed, "A Review of Micro-Nano-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Protection: Prospects and Challenges", Journal of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, Vol. 6, No. 3-4, July 2005, pp. 302-306, Elsevier Science Publishing, ISSN: 1468-6996.
  3. Md. A. Rahman, Mohammad U. Mahfuz, Kazi M. Ahmed and R. M. A. P. Rajatheva , "ICT Based Sustainable Rural Business Opportunities in Developing Countries: A Wireless-Networked RCP-RAP Approach", American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2 (8): Science Publications, ISSN 1546-9239, p.1256-1260, 2005.

Ongoing and Completed Projects


Awards and Honors

  1. Recipient of University of Newcastle Postgraduate Award, Australia, 1980
  2. Recipient of Commonwealth Staff Research Fellowship in Leeds University, UK, 1993

Professional Affiliations

  1. Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  2. Member, IEICE, Japan
  3. Fellow, Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh
  4. Member, Bangladesh Computer Society
  5. Founder member, Bangladesh Electronic Society

Research Keywords

Wireless Networks; Disaster Communications; Applications of ICT; Radio Propagation; Satellite Communication; Signal Processing