Title : Dr.
Name : Thirayoot Limanond
FoS : Transportation Engineering
Affiliation : Assistant Professor
Location : N260C
Phone : (66) 2524 5681
Fax : (66) 2524 5509
Email : tlimanond[at]

Educational Background

  1. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA, 2001
  2. M.S. in Civil Engineering, Arizona State University, USA, 1997 (Major in Traffic Engineering)
  3. B.Engg. in Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Research Interests

His research interests include sustainable transport, travel demand, transportation planning, traffic engineering transport energy planning and intelligent systems.
He served as Assistant Professor at School of Transportation Engineering in Suranaree University of Technology



  1. Public transportation system
  2. Transportation planning methods and analysis
  3. Transportation demand modeling and forecasting
  4. Traffic system analysis and control

Selected Publications

  1. Limanond T. and Tuntiworawit N. Estimating Arterial Link Speed using Conventional Road Detectors Transport Planning and Technology 2011; 34(3): 231-243.
  2. Limanond T., Jomnonkwao S., Watthanaklang D., Ratanavaraha V., Siridhara S. How vehicle ownership affect time utilization on study, leisure, social activities and academic performance of university students? A case study of engineering freshmen in a rural university in Thailand. Transport Policy (In press). Available online 23 February 2011.
  3. Limanond T., Jomnonkwao S., Srikaew A. Projection of future transport energy demand of Thailand. Energy Policy 2011; 39(5): 2754-2763.
  4. Limanond T., Butsingkorn C., Chermkhunthod C. Travel behavior of university students who live on campus: A case study of a rural university in Asia. Transport Policy 2011; 18 (1) : 163-171.
  5. Limanond T., Prabjabok P., Tippayawong K. Exploring impacts of countdown timers on traffic operations and driver behavior at a signalized intersection in Bangkok. Transport Policy 2010; 17 (6): 420-427.
  6. Limanond T, Chookerd S, Roubtonglang N. Effects of countdown timers on queue discharge characteristics of through movement at a signalized intersection. Transportation Research Part C 2009; 17: 662-671.
  7. Limanond T, Niemeier DA, Mokhtarian PL, Specification of a tour-based neighborhood shopping model. Transportation 2005; 32: 105-134.

Ongoing and Completed Projects


Awards and Honors


Professional Affiliations


Research Keywords

Sustainable transport, transport energy policy, travel behavior, intelligent transportation system, transport for elderly and disabled.