Title : Prof.
Name : Thippur V. Sreenivas
FoS : Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Affiliation : Visiting Faculty
Location : Room No. 208 , ISE Building
Phone : (662) 524 5675
Fax :
Email : thippur[at]

Educational Background

  1. M.E. from Indian Institute of Science, in 1975 
  2. Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in 1981

Research Interests

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  1. AT74.06 Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing.

Selected Publications

  1. Mrugesh Gajjar, TV Sreenivas, Govindarajan, R. “Fast Likelihood Computation in Speech Recognition using Matrices,” J. Sig. Proc. Syst. for Signal, Image, and Video Tech., Vol.70, No.2, pp 219-234, Feb. 2013.
  2. Harshavardhan Sundar, TV Sreenivas, W. Kellerman, “Identification of Active Sources in Single-Channel Convolutive Mixtures Using Known Source Models,” IEEE Signal Proc. Letters,, Mar 2013.
  3. Harshavardhan Sundar, C. S. Seelamantula, and T. V. Sreenivas, "A mixture model approach for formant tracking and the robustness of Student's-t distribution," IEEE Tr. Audio, Speech, Lang. Proc., Vol.20, No.10, pp 2626-2636, Dec 2012.
  4. Nishanth U. Nair and T.V. Sreenivas, “Multi-Pattern Viterbi Algorithm for Joint Decoding of Multiple Patterns,” accepted for Signal Processing (Els), Mar 2010. [link]
  5. Nishanth Ulhas Nair and TV Sreenivas: “Joint evaluation of multiple speech patterns for speech recognition and training,” Computer, Speech and Language, (Acad Press) May 2009. [link]
  6. Saikat Chatterjee and TV Sreenivas: “Reduced complexity two stage vector quantization,” Digital Signal Processing: A Review Journal, In Press, Dec 2008 [link]
  7. Chandra Sekhar, S. and TV Sreenivas: “Block-artifacts in speech/audio: Dynamic auditory-model-based characterization and optimal time-frequency smoothing,” Signal Processing (Elsevier), Vol. 89, No.4, pp 523-531, Apr 2009. [link]
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Ongoing and Completed Projects

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Awards and Honors

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Professional Affiliations

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Research Keywords

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