Overview : Microelectronics and Embedded Systems (MES)

The region's growing industrial sector and the increasing demand for high technologies have brought the need for expertise in microelectronics to a critical level. The Master Program in Microelectronics, introduced in May 2000, responds to the needs of countries in Southeast Asia, many of which are in transition from labor-intensive to high-tech industries. The curriculum focuses on design and IC packaging aspects for specific applications. Fabrication, including prototyping of chips, is included in the curriculum and is featured in partnership with microelectronics industries and collaborating universities overseas. Currently, courses in Nanotechnology are being added to the offerings of the field.

Programs of Study

Programs leading to the award of AIT's Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, diploma and certificate are offered.

Preferred Background

For Master Program:

Undergraduate degree in electronics, electrical engineering, physics, computer engineering and other closely related engineering disciplines.

For Doctoral Program:

Master degree in any of the above disciplines.

For more info: http://www.ise.ait.ac.th