Program Structure

Awarded Degrees

- Professional Master of Engineering (PME)

Students have completed the study, if he or she has earned 33 accumulated credits with minimum Grade Percentage Average (GPA) not less than 2.75. The period of study will last, respectively, for 12 months and not later than 2 years for full-time and part-time or flexible students.

- Master of Engineering or Master of Science (M.Eng or Msc)

Students, who enroll in the regular postgraduate program studying in Offshore Technology and Management, will complete his or her full-time study in 22 months. The degree will be awarded, if he or she has earned 48 credits with minimum accumulated GPA of 2.75 for the first 2 semesters.

Qualification of Applicants:


Recommended Study Plan

Semester Recommended courses Credits per courses Total credits
August 4 3 12
January 4 3 12
May Internship or 9 9
Inter-semester 2 2*
Total accumulated credits for PME students 33/ 495 Contact Hours
August Thesis 12 12*
January Thesis 10 10*
Total accumulated credits for ME students 48/ 540 Contact Hours