Course Structure

The course structure is arranged into two semesters for course works and a three-month internship for Professional Master of Engineering students. While for regular master candidate students, the courses works should be accomplished in two semesters. One subject with two credits should be taken during the three-month inter-semester. Finally, the remaining two semesters are for conducting research, writing and thesis examination.

Course Works

Lectures are conducted in the class rooms and are enhanced at sites during field studies, which ois minimum once for each semester. To better equip the students with the latest development in oil and gas industry, experts and specialists are invited to be speakers in AIT Professional semira Series, which is also held once for each semester.
The recommended courses for August and January semesters can be viewed below.

Field Studies

As a media for learning, field studies are conducted to give insights for students about the applications of the theory given in the class rooms. Students can benefit from this field studies to directly touched by the real engineering and management activities involved in oil and gas industry.

  1. Field trip to Thai Nippon Steel Eng. & Const. Corp. Ltd. Owned fabrication yard at Bang Pakong, East Bangkok on 20 October 2006.
    Case of study is side load-out a PTTEP Jacket Bongkot WP3 with approximate total weight of more than 600 Mtons onto a cargo barge Eastern Galaxy.
  2. Field trip to CUEL Ltd. Owned fabrication yard at Laem Chabang, Southeast Bangkok on 27 October 2006.
    Case of study is fabrication engineering of jacket and topside decks and construction project management.

Professional Seminar Series

A series of bi-monthly seminars, presented by invited speakers, experts or specialists from oil and gas industries will be held for each emester to enhance students with the first-hand and latest developments of oil and gas technology. The first professional seminar, attended by about 80 participants with various backgrounds: professionals; faculty members and students, was held in AIT Milton Bender auditorium on 24th October 2006 with the speaker from Total Professeurs Associ?s, Prof. Marc Ducros.


Besides the hectic studying environment, students can be relaxed in social activities with faculty members and among student-friends, which is arranged during field trips. The informal gathering becomes a mean for sharing and listening between students and faculty members about the sudying in OTM program.

Moreover, in order to build more conducive studying atmosphere, a reading room equipped with some computers, internet connection, meeting table, mini library with books, pantry, other facilities can be used for studying, discussion, reading, and others.

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Stuctural Management Sub-surface Topics